" Clothing  style  is  actually 
an  architectural  synthesis  on  a 1:1  scale. " 

                                                                                     N. Barelier           


 as for scale, is a reference to the architectural scales, that shape surroundings and -why not- human bodies. Thus, the shaping of a personal clothing style is nothing more than just a simple "leap" of Scale. An application of our  aesthetical thoughts on a "canvas" that we project outwards every single day, our own body. 

Wearing a garment, ideally, we need to feel like the best version of ourselves and our image should be the externalization of our aesthetical hypostasis. A "manifesto" of the effortless and unpretentious elegance, the kind that springs from within, without any trace of over-effort.

SCALA projects the contemporary yet timeless people, for whom class, style, taste and elegance are integral parts of their daily life. The human body, with its distinctive features and unique proportions is the main character of Scala collections.

Furthermore, Scala stands for "stairway", a medium of elevation to a place of higher aesthetics.